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These two lovely black beauties have been naughty together. At Girls Boarding School, that simply means they will also endure a severe teen spanking together.

The are made to stand facing the wall, with their naked buttocks facing the teacher. The teacher is anxious to spank these girls as they have such full, round bottoms. It would be a shame not to spank them!

Both girls are going over the teacher’s lap, so he can get a good look at their luscious black bottoms. He spanks them with his bare hand and even as the girls start sobbing, he still continues.

The girls must also get a cane spanking. While one of them is bending over, taking the cane to her butt cheeks, the other one is standing with her back against the wall. She is forced to look at her best girlfriend being spanked, punished and humiliated.

She knows she will be next.

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