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Look what the cat dragged in… it’s an extremely sensual teenage girl, with a tight body, a pretty face and a very expensive hairdo. Unfortunately, none of that will protect her from having to face the consequences of her actions!

She’s been naughty! Very, very naughty! She’s going to be punished for it. She thinks it’s all laughs and isn’t taking her predicament seriously. Well, she’s about to learn her place in this society.

Adult males are in charge here. Teen girls who are sassy, have big mouths and who are impolite have a little something coming. In this case, it’s a severe teen spanking for her naughty bottom.

She goes over the knee and her buttocks are slapped by a strong hand. She’s being spanked like a little girl and she’s not liking any of it! Watch how sassy she is looking at her spanker once she is standing again.

I’m surprised she can stand at all with a bottom that red!

Her cocky attitude only gets her into more trouble.  She will be spanked into submission, even if it takes hours and hours of embarassing punishment.

If the bare hand is not enough… Mr. Belt will have to do.

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