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Rosaleen Young is being naughty again. Whenever it’s daylight, Rosy is in trouble. She’s just such a big mouthed, sassy little devil. There’s no taming the fire in her belly. She’s gotten many a teen spanking in the past, but not one has ever managed to get this girl in line.

Maybe this time it will work. And if it doesn’t, at least her coach will have had a fun time. Because it’s her coach that’s spanking her otk this time!

Rosy isn’t being a lazy and she’s stubborn as a pig. She refuses to listen to her coach. And the coach has completely had it with her.

She pulls her over her knee to give Rosy a good old fashioned otk spanking. In order to make clear she’s not screwing around, she pulls Rosy’s hair and holds her head back. Rosy can’t go anywhere in this position. All she can do is lie there, listening to how her own buttocks are slapped by the coach’s bare hands.

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