Lazy Maids Shackled, Bound, Naughty Bottoms Severely Trashed

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These maids are serving an obscenely wealthy family and the family expect a lot of work from them. They have to work for 12 hours a day or more. They have neglected to clean the entire house and serve the family’s food on time. Now they’re in for one of the most humiliating teen spanking sessions in history.

These girls are treated as pigs. They’re nothing but lust objects to this family now. They are shackled together and cannot get away. The are completely nude and the whole family is there to watch them. They’re on display and very ashamed of themselves.

They have been shut up through the use of wooden sticks in their mouth. Nobody wants to hear these girls whining. They’re lust objects now. They must submit to anything the family will put them through. And that’s final!

They go over the table, tied on there like hogs. Their legs are spread and this position opens up their bum cheeks. Their anuses and vaginas are clearly in sight and I imagine it must feel extremely humiliating for these girls to have an entire family looking on.

While one girl is bound to the table and being spanked in the bottom by members of the family, the other two are standing there… naked and shackled. They cannot do anything to help out their friend. All they can do is wait… until it’s their turn to be bound to the table, only to be made fun of by this sadistic family of teen spankers.

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Humiliating Spanking For Young Teen Rosaleen

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Teen Rosaleen has been especially bad and she needs a devastatingly humiliating teen spanking.

A simple bare buttocks trashing won’t do in the case of Rosaleen. She needs to be humiliated until her mind breaks and she becomes an obedient little girl.

She is made to go on all fours on the table, while her Mistress pulls her by her hair. She has her buttocks sticking backwards as far as she can. She’s been instructed to do so by her Mistress because she wants to be able to smack her bottom really easily.

As if that isn’t enough, she has to stand up with her hands on top of her head. Her Mistress can now see her entire body and Rosaleen feels she is on display. She gets more spankings across her buttocks and it makes her sob and cry.

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Bound Girl’s Bottoms Severely Thrashed

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These three girls have misbehaved and they have the dubious honor of being disciplined through teen spanking by one of the most sadistic men on earth. This guy right here doesn’t feel one bit of mercy of teenage girls. He’s got a heart of stone and he gets off on seeing teens like these in humiliating positions.

He’s out to embarass them real good. He deals with them one by one, so the other two can look at how their friends are being spanked and punished. Very humiliating, since they’re being tied to the wooden bench. That means their legs are spread and all their private parts are out there for everybody to see.

The first girl goes onto the wooden bench completely naked. Her breasts are rubbing against the wooden frame of the bench. Her bottom is sticking backwards. Her bum cheeks are spread apart, revealing her anus and her vagina.

Her spanker starts caning her buttocks harshly. Her bum cheeks are starting to look more and more welted with every spank of the cane. Her girlfriends are looking on at her buttocks and at the girl’s face. She’s going through agony because her spanking punishment hurts so much!

The other girls are crying just from looking at it. And the cane hasn’t even touched their bottoms yet!

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Jodie OTK And Belt Spanked

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Teen Jodie is getting a teen spanking. How appropriate. Elizabeth Simpson is trying to measure her clothing size. It must be a perfect fit because this is her school uniform we’re talking about. Very important!

Unfortunately for Jodie, she’s not taking it serious one bit. She’s screwing around, laughing, not cooperating and generally being a complete pain in the ass.

Elizabeth has completely had it with Jodie and she’s starting to lose her patience. Elizabeth makes Jodie face the wall with her knickers pulled down right beneath her buttocks.

Hmm… those are nice, round, full cheeks on Jodie! It’s almost a shame to lay a hand on those. Almost… but not quite!

It’s a bare bottomed otk spanking for Jodie! She goes over Elizabeth’s knee and receives a harsh bare handed spanking to her cheeks. They become all flushed and sensitive. Elizabeth just won’t quit. The woman’s a machine when it comes to disciplining sassy teenage girls like Jodie!

Elizabeth thinks her bare hand just isn’t cutting it and she takes out the belt. She spanks Jodie’s bum real hard with it and it makes her bum light up even more than it already is!

All of a sudden, Jodie is not laughing so hard anymore. I wonder what caused it…

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Bare Bottom Spanking And Butt Plug For Naughty Teen

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This naughty girl needs discipline. Since her parents don’t have anything to do this weekend, they will administer a teen spanking to her bare buttocks in order to make sure she will obey their will.

Teenage girls must be submissive. They have the latent ability to be very submissive and serving, as long as the adults in her life are willing to invest the time and energy to make sure her submission comes to full fruition.

In this case, the daughter goes over mommies lap, where she is otk spanked by mom’s bare hand. This happens in front of her sister and the sewstress. Everybody seems to agree that it’s the most normal thing on earth to be disciplining naughty teen girls like this for all to see.

And I happen to agree completely. And if a harsh spanking across the buttocks is not enough, then there will have to be administered further humiliation by inserting a foreign object anally. In this case, the naughty girl gets a butt plug up her bottom to make her feel embarassed.

Once her spirit is broken, her parents will program her mind any way they see fit. They will turn her into a very obedient and submissive girl.

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Rosaleen Young’s Bottom Spanked OTK

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Rosie is just about to hit the sack. She’s been in her pyjama’s for an hour or two already and she’s getting ready for bed. Then, when everything seemed nice and quiet, she starts talking back to her superiors again. The result? A teen spanking discipline session for Rosaleen!

She goes over her caretaker’s lap and she opens up her pyjama, which conveniently gives her access to Rosie’s cute little bottom. So there she goes with her bare hand across Rosie’s bare buttocks, once again.

Rosie can’t believe she’s taking another otk spanking. This is like, what, only the fifth one of the week (so it’s a fairly easy week by her standards). She just sits there with eyes like saucers because she can’t believe that anybody would ever want to hit her.

With such a big mouth,that’s quite a surprise, indeed.

She’s put over a stool and her spanker pulls her by her underwear. Her underwear is now pulled tightly in between her pussy lips and her butt cheeks.

When her cheeks are revealed, she is subjected to a slipper spanking in the first degree!

And it makes poor Rosie sad. :(

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Naughty Schoolgirls Get Swollen Pussies From Spanking

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These four schoolgoing girls are going to be disciplined through the use of a very severe teen spanking. Put more specifically, they will be caned across their bare buttocks and it will happen while they are tied to the teacher’s wooden bench.

The teacher takes great pride and pleasure in his work. He’s a real expert and he’s punished many teen buttocks in the past. He’s not about to go easy on these girls either, so they’ll have to endure quite a spanking.

One by one, they go onto the wooden bench and the teacher spanks their bottoms with the cane until they’re completely welted.

But wait, what is this?

Are their pussy lips swelling up?

Well, I never…

Who would have thought that these teenage girls would actually derive sexual pleasure from taking a severe spanking punishment on their bottoms?

Oh well, if these girls can love being punished, I guess that makes it easier for the teacher to keep them in line.

Speaking of which… the teacher lines them up and takes pictures of their welted buttocks when he’s done.

He’s created four marvellously spanked teenage bare bottoms!

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Bare Bottom Caning By The Pool For Teen Girls

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These two teenagers are getting their weekly exercise under the supervision of a coach. It’s swimming today, and everybody likes to swim, right? Well not these two ingrates! They’re ungrateful for the professionally guided exercise they’ve been given and they’re going to be getting a severe bare bottom teen spanking across their sorry little buttocks!

The girls aren’t wearing much so that makes it easy on the coach. They’re stripped out of their swimming clothes in a jiffy and the coach likes what he’s seeing. He likes to watch those embarassed wet little girls with their little puppy eyes and those scared looks on their faces.

The water drops are dripping down their bodies… off their breasts and between their butt cheeks. The coach would like to get down and dirty with these girls, but he is supposed to be a role model.

The coach is a disciplined man and he knows what he must do. He pulls out his cane and smacks the girls on their buttocks. He makes them bend over and show him their full moons. He spanks them in the buttocks once again and the water drops are flying everywhere!

How humiliating for these two sorry excuses for teenage girls. It serves them right!

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Naughty Girls Bound, Spanked, Lashed, Caned, Punished, Humiliated

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Over at Lupus Spanking, girls are given teen spanking discipline on a daily basis. Teen girls are nothing but lust objects over at that site. They’re constantly being subjected to the most humiliating treatments that mankind can come up with.

Look at them lying there, with their legs tied up wide and their bottoms in plain sight of everybody who walks by. They’re exhibited like the pieces of fuckmeat they truly are. Teen girls exist with the sole purpose of pleasuring men.

I feel teens should spend most of their time being nicely tied up just like this. I want to stick either my finger or my cock into either a teen cunt or teen anus whenever I feel like it. What are they gonna do in this position? Nothing, that’s what.

All they can do is watch me watching them. I’d like to see them try to stare me down from that position. Go ahead ladies, give it a try. I know they’re feeling ashamed and humiliated and all that, so I’m having fun making eye contact with these bound slave girls.

I’d like to spank’em, then have sex with their bottoms. And I’ll be looking them in the eye the whole time!

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Slut Katie Leigh Gets OTK Slipper Spanking

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Katie Leigh is a complete fucking slut. She screws guys all over the place. She’s a fucking cheap ass whore who gets off on anything that’s perverted. What she likes most, is to have a teen spanking across her bottom.

When Katie is spanked, her teen pussy lips start swelling up a little bit more with every slap on the buttocks. If spanked long enough, pussy juice will start dripping down her legs. She might even cum real hard if you spank her just right.

She loves the humiliation of it. She wants to feel exposed because it makes her feel low, dirty and cheap. I told you she was a cheap hussy, and I wasn’t kidding. What a fucking tramp this teen is. Total fuckmeat.

She wants her private parts to be out in the open. She wants somebody to look at her anus and her vagina. Not just somebody… it has to be somebody who’s punishing her. That’s why Katie likes to be otk spanked so much. It gives her punishment and exhibition. She can feel submissive and cheap at the same time!

She also likes to have fingers inserted into her bottom.

I believe this is what every teenage whore wants. Katie is one of those teens cheap enough to go public with her fetish.

Spank Katie long enough and she will cum right there on your lap. Several times in a row. And she cums hard!

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