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These four schoolgoing girls are going to be disciplined through the use of a very severe teen spanking. Put more specifically, they will be caned across their bare buttocks and it will happen while they are tied to the teacher’s wooden bench.

The teacher takes great pride and pleasure in his work. He’s a real expert and he’s punished many teen buttocks in the past. He’s not about to go easy on these girls either, so they’ll have to endure quite a spanking.

One by one, they go onto the wooden bench and the teacher spanks their bottoms with the cane until they’re completely welted.

But wait, what is this?

Are their pussy lips swelling up?

Well, I never…

Who would have thought that these teenage girls would actually derive sexual pleasure from taking a severe spanking punishment on their bottoms?

Oh well, if these girls can love being punished, I guess that makes it easier for the teacher to keep them in line.

Speaking of which… the teacher lines them up and takes pictures of their welted buttocks when he’s done.

He’s created four marvellously spanked teenage bare bottoms!

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