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This lazy maid is supposed to be cleaning the house, because that’s what all women should be doing all the time. Cleaning houses. But she’s too damn lazy and she’s simply not getting anything done. Her Master is not too pleased and he has no other choice than to submit her to a punishing teen spanking.

Her Master ties her to a wooden bench and lifts up her skirt. It is designed to give him easy access to her bare bottom. As I am sure you can see, the design of the skirt is doing a fine job.

It is important to have easy access to girls’ bottoms if you want to make it easy on yourself to dominate them. Their buttocks are perhaps the most intimate part of their bodies and they will feel humiliated and embarassed when they get the idea somebody else is taking control over those parts.

Once the buttocks are exhibited, girls take on their naturally submissive role. All you have to do then, is spank the buttocks long and hard enough to mold a girl so that she will do your bidding.

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