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Teen Jodie is getting a teen spanking. How appropriate. Elizabeth Simpson is trying to measure her clothing size. It must be a perfect fit because this is her school uniform we’re talking about. Very important!

Unfortunately for Jodie, she’s not taking it serious one bit. She’s screwing around, laughing, not cooperating and generally being a complete pain in the ass.

Elizabeth has completely had it with Jodie and she’s starting to lose her patience. Elizabeth makes Jodie face the wall with her knickers pulled down right beneath her buttocks.

Hmm… those are nice, round, full cheeks on Jodie! It’s almost a shame to lay a hand on those. Almost… but not quite!

It’s a bare bottomed otk spanking for Jodie! She goes over Elizabeth’s knee and receives a harsh bare handed spanking to her cheeks. They become all flushed and sensitive. Elizabeth just won’t quit. The woman’s a machine when it comes to disciplining sassy teenage girls like Jodie!

Elizabeth thinks her bare hand just isn’t cutting it and she takes out the belt. She spanks Jodie’s bum real hard with it and it makes her bum light up even more than it already is!

All of a sudden, Jodie is not laughing so hard anymore. I wonder what caused it…

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