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This patriotic girl has had a teen spanking with the cane and her bottom is completely welted because of it. She is attending Girls Boarding School nowadays and she’s about to learn what the institute is all about!

She is made to stand there against the wall and pose with her punished buttocks in plain view. She has to take on humiliating poses while holding the cane that’s responsible for spanking her bum until it lit up like a light bulb.

She bends over to show her bottom to her spanking punisher and she’s feeling pretty ashamed of herself for having to do this and for being on display.

She even has to undress herself so the teachers can have a look at her entire body. She is feeling exposed, humiliated and she wants to get out of here.

But she’s just a little teen girl and she has to obey her superiors or there will be more spankings in her near future.

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