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Rosy, Rosy, Rosy….. will you ever learn? She’s been at it again. Big mouthing everybody who’s trying to educate and raise her. With all the efforts, all the time and energy these adults are investing in her, you’d think she’d be somewhere today. But no, she’s still a naughty little girl on the inside. One that’s going to have her upteenth teen spanking of the month.

Here, one of her caretakers has had it with her outbursts of anger and her general disobedience. She’s going to pay the price, once again. She knows the drill, but is still struggling to make life hard on the adults around her.

This woman will have nothing of it. She lifts Rosaleen’s skirt and smacks her bare bottom with the leather belt. Her buttocks are turning red from the sheer force that her spanker uses to lay down the punishment on her cheeks.

As if that’s not enough (and it never is with Rosaleen), she has her hands strapped as well. It makes her all sad and she starts sobbing and whining like a little girl.

Afterwards, she has to stand there and show her freshly slapped bottom. And what a lusciously round and full bottom it is! And how embarassing it must be for her to stand there on display like that.

It’s your own fault, Rosaleen Young! We’ll manage to get you in line just the way we want you!!!

Some day…

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