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This naughty girl needs discipline. Since her parents don’t have anything to do this weekend, they will administer a teen spanking to her bare buttocks in order to make sure she will obey their will.

Teenage girls must be submissive. They have the latent ability to be very submissive and serving, as long as the adults in her life are willing to invest the time and energy to make sure her submission comes to full fruition.

In this case, the daughter goes over mommies lap, where she is otk spanked by mom’s bare hand. This happens in front of her sister and the sewstress. Everybody seems to agree that it’s the most normal thing on earth to be disciplining naughty teen girls like this for all to see.

And I happen to agree completely. And if a harsh spanking across the buttocks is not enough, then there will have to be administered further humiliation by inserting a foreign object anally. In this case, the naughty girl gets a butt plug up her bottom to make her feel embarassed.

Once her spirit is broken, her parents will program her mind any way they see fit. They will turn her into a very obedient and submissive girl.

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